7 Celebrities I do Not Want to Meet ...

I’m always up for meeting famous people, but there are a few that I could do without an introduction to. I know that many actors portray big meanies in movies and are really nice people in real life. I also know that some singers write songs about things that I might find undesirable, but this doesn’t make them bad people. However, after seeing interviews and reading up on different famous people, here is a list of 7 celebrities I do not want to meet.

7. Steven Seagal

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I haven't heard anything good about this particular actor. When my husband worked on a movie set where Seagal was, everyone in the crew was told to refer to Seagal as 'Number One'. This tells me right away that he seems to think very highly of himself. Most people who lack the ability to be even the least bit humble tend to viewed as being somewhat rude.

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