7 Celeb Hook Ups and Break Ups ...

Valentine's Day is just right around the corner. While it may be natural for us to only talk about lovely celebrity couples being all loved up, I thought it would be great to throw celebrities breaking up into the mix as well. Please be informed that some of these are just colorful rumors at this point. Only time will tell if they really are true. Also, one hook up is meant to be a joke.

1. Jesus and Madonna over?

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From the get go, this pairing was doomed. I don't have anything against the age gap. It just seems that Madonna, in my opinion, does not need a man. For one thing, no man could ever be as strong-willed as she is. Also, no man will ever be able to handle all her needs and wants. I think Madonna will be perfectly fine without a partner. She can raise her kids, be an international star, and remain an icon all on her own.

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