7 Celeb Babies Battling for Cutie of the Week ...

Okay, I just made up that Cutie of the Week part. However, with so many celeb babies out and about last week, I actually thought the world will explode because of too much cuteness! Of course, their beautiful parents add to the adorable factor of these photos. I have to admit, looking at these photos make me want to consider starting a family now. Or you know, spend more time with the babies of my friends. Which of these babies should win Cutie of the Week?

1. The Little Ballerina

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Oh dear me, how adorable is little Harlow? Look at her baby chubby legs in leotards! I swear, I could bite those legs. She looks like some serious ballerina on a "coffee break," doesn't she? Another thing I love about this is the fact that she and her mom wore matching purple outfits. Uber cute!

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