7 Brands That Have Disappointed Me ...

Some of my fav commercial brands are very affordable, some are not so budget friendly but I keep insisting on going shopping there once and a while because quality comes with that price tag too. However, sometimes even my fav brands turn out to be a huge disappointment. And these following ones got me feeling pretty robbed – some in terms of money and quality and some in terms of utterly bad shopping experience.

1. Mango

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If you ever decide to buy a dress you’ll wear in special occasion in some of the Mango shops do not, and I repeat, do not wash it, before that first and the most important wear. Especially if some of the parts are done in the cotton-viscose blend. I have hand washed mine in lukewarm water and it went from totally black to black with a red undertone – the shade that could have passed as OK, if all parts of the dress had been washed out. Satin top part remained black-black and with two different shades of black my dress was completely un-wearable at the moment and an ideal candidate for a DIY paint job.

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