7 Bizarre Hotels ...

Are you tired of staying at the Hilton every time you go on a vacation? Yeah, I think that would kind of get tiring too. The 7 Bizarre hotels I am about to show you are definitely not something you are going to find on the common list of hotels. In fact, as a guest, you may complain about the room just so you can look at the other rooms they have! So, let’ s get started with this bizarre blog …

Before I start, take note that you can type in the names of the hotels in Google so that you can find them.

7. Exploranter Hotel in Brazil

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Photo Credit: karen_amazona

The Exploranater hotel really is something. It is located in Brazil, but you are not going to be in Brazil for a long time. This hotel is on wheels. Don’t worry, you will be able to take a shower, spend time in the kitchen and it even has twenty eight beds.

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