7 Best Reference Apps for the IPhone ...

Of all the apps on my iPod Touch and iPhone">http://www.allwomenstalk.com/7-must-have-apps-for-your-iphone/">iPhone, there are a few I use almost every day — my reference apps. They’re incredibly handy and helpful, and there are thousands available for almost every purpose or topic. I’ve tried so many of them, so I can tell you which is better, dictionary.com or Merriam-Webster… here are the 7 best reference apps for the iPhone… well, at least the ones I use most!

1. Solar Walk

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Price: $2.99 at itunes.apple.com
This app is a must-have for any backyard astronomer, giving you an up-close look at everything in our galaxy, including the planets (and ex-planets, like poor demoted dwarf planet, Pluto). It’s amazingly detailed, rendered in 3D, and available in a range of languages. It’s so good, it won an Apple Design Award in 2010.

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