7 Best Online Shoe Clubs ...

I indulge regularly in my vices: beer, cheese and anything containing pumpkin. But no addiction is even close to my obsession with shoes. There should be a club for this, right? Oh, there is. Much like the beer of the month and cheese of the month clubs (that I write in to my Christmas list every year), shoes are the new monthly membership you need to include in your budget. These are all items that I will spend my money on anyways, so why not join in – with like-minded peeps – for great deals and exclusive access to your wants and needs. Here are the 7 best online shoe clubs...

1. EShoeClub

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Price: $29.95 per month for two pairs, with free shipping eshoeclub.com
The new kid on the block, eShoeClub, has some work to do to keep in line with its competitors. So they offer TWO pairs for a regular monthly fee – that is a ten-dollar savings, compared to similar clubs. With a great selection of boots, sandals and heels, you won’t be caught empty… footed.

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