7 Best Gifts for a Baby Shower ...

We've all been to baby showers where the mother-to-be has opened gift after gift of bibs and rattles and burp cloths. Honestly, how many booties could one baby use? Here are 7 great baby shower gift ideas that mommy will appreciate and open with enthusiasm as apposed to ANOTHER set of sleepers!

1. Wipe Warmer

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A lot of mothers tend to think wipe warmers are unnecessary and therefore won't buy one themselves. This is a great gift for you to step in and buy because it's a nice, thoughtful gesture, and even though she doesn't realize it now, mommy will be glad she has it when diaper changing sessions end in smiles instead of screams because, who wants a cold wipe on the rear end? Just think how uncomfortable it is for you using the toilet in the wintertime. Brr!

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