7 Best Exercises to Tone Your Legs ...

Is it just me that forgets to work out their legs when it's winter? It just seems so unnecessary when you can cuddle up in jeans or cute pj's and be warm... it means a lot of work in the spring, though, so this year I’ve been prepared! I’ve found seven exercises to tone my legs, and I’ll be adding them to my exercise plan this week. Here they are, so you can do it too!

1. Barbell Lunges

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Photo Credit: JamSki This requiressome weight, so we do it in low reps. Think three or four sets of ten lunges a set, and ten should be making you slightly winded! Don’t forget that it is per leg, so you need to do both or you’ll have uneven muscles... keep your back foot in line, and don’t let your hips flare outwards, or you’ll be toning the wrong muscles. Take your time, so you do it properly!

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