7 Best Celebrity Role Models ...

Believe it or not, not all celebs have to flash their naked butt just to get the magazine cover. In fact, there is a whole bunch of them I admire and consider good role models. These women are not perfect, ideally beautiful or a size 0. They are unique, proud for who they are, successful, creative and strong enough to face any negative feedback and turn it around. So, here they are – gorgeous Hollywood ladies I consider worth looking up to:

1. Sandra Bullock

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Image source: media.adorocinema.com

Sandra is definitely one of my favorite celebrities and I respect her even more after the scandal with the cheating ex-husband Jesse James broke out. She is a true lady, sweet, natural and funny but she has a strong side too. She was strong enough to leave Jesse and proud enough not to talk trash about him. Now, isn’t that a woman with a capital W?

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