7 Beautiful Tiffany Flatware Patterns ...

Every ten or fifteen years, I pass down my current “good” flatware and find a new pattern. It’s almost time for a new set, so I’ve been searching for a new one, and I started at Tiffany… well, they do a lot more than jewelry! And their flatware is classic! Here are 7 beautiful Tiffany flatware patterns…

1. Elsa Peretti® Padova™

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Price: $4,150.00 at tiffany.com
This 32-piece set of silverware is named for a city in Italy, where designer Elsa Peretti crafted this design. It features six each of a standard five-piece place setting, plus one serving fork and one serving spoon. The design is sleek and streamlined, with an elegant swoopy loop at the end of each piece.

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