7 Beautiful Sheet Sets by Anthropologie ...

I have a thing for bedding sets, and it’s taken me ages to figure out exactly why. Specifically, it’s because the simple change of bedding can update the look and feel of a bedroom, which is certainly easier and far less expensive than an entire re-decorating scheme. Along with the quilts, comforters and duvets, I love adding a matching, or contrasting, set of sheets, fueling my addiction. I quite accidentally ran into a treasure trove of gorgeous sheet sets at one of my favorite online shops, and here are the ones that currently top my must-have list.

1. Sing-Song Sheet Set

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Price: $58-$218 at anthropologie.com
Rise and shine, gorgeous! These sweet little songbirds announce the sunrise and sing you lullabies, and would look darling paired with a floral-print quilt. The sheets are 300-thread count cotton sateen, soft and comfortable, ideal for summer. The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two standard pillow cases, and is available in twin, queen, and king sizes.

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