7 Beautiful Eternity Rings ...

I love the symbolism of eternity rings, not to mention the gorgeous sparkle and shine. They represent unending love and beauty — what a lovely sentiment, even to a decided anti-romantic like me. I’ve asked for one for Christmas this year, and though my boyfriend pretends he’s not going to make that wish come true, I know he’s at least thinking about it. On the off chance he might be reading this, or if you’re considering using one as a wedding or anniversary band, here are 7 beautiful eternity rings.

1. Solstice Eternity Diamond Ring

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Price: $1,250 at brilliantearth.com
This ring features a 1/3 total carat weight of round diamonds set in 18 karat white gold with milgrain detailing. It’s so gorgeous, so dainty and sparkling and pure, it would make an ideal wedding band or stacking ring. Of all the eternity rings on the Brilliant Earth website, this is my favorite.

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