7 Awesome Wedding Invitations ...

Ah, wedding invitations. If you aren't careful, they can get quite expensive. What I'm thinking about doing, however, is finding a great looking wedding invitation for an affordable price – yes, even if I have to go to Target. You see, there are other things on which I'd rather spend money, other avenues where I really want to go all out. Here are 7 awesome wedding invitations that don't cost a fortune – but look like they do!

1. Damask

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Price: $24.99 at target.com
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love damask! And it's likely going to play a large part in the theme of my wedding. You always want your invitations, like your thank you cards, to match or at least complement the theme of your wedding. With a choice like this, the invitations are classic yet edgy in black and white, and stylish without being over the top.

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