7. Guarana Berry Volumizing Mousse

Guarana Berry Volumizing Mousse

Price: $14.00 at thebodyshop-usa.com

Sick of thin, flat, lifeless hair? Transform your dull locks into a thick, luscious head of hair that will have your friends green with envy! This volumizing mousse does it all - it adds moisture and shine and offers control and definition. The lightweight formula won’t weigh your hair down as many other mousse products tend to do.

So now that you know all about these awesome hair products, you won’t need to worry about a bad hair day ever again! Toss out all your hats and wear your style with spirit! And don’t forget to share all these awesome products with your girlfriends so they can look as pretty as you do! Do you have any other great hair products to share? Please let me know!

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