7 Athletes Who Make Great Role Models ...

It seems like every couple of days, we hear something in the news about one of our sports heroes getting into trouble — spousal abuse, an illicit affair, drunk driving, drug use, steroid scandals, and more. As a parent, it’s hard to feel confident in any of the professional athletes our children look up to. Aren’t there any good, solid, honest athletes out there our children can emulate as demi-heroes? Actually, there are! If you look carefully, and pay attention to who’s NOT being trounced in the news, there are several fantastic pro athletes who make good role models… and here are 7 of them.

1. Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

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When I first saw Tebow on the field at Florida State with his John 3:16 blackout under his eyes, I wasn’t impressed. Anyone can talk the talk and appear to be religious and good, but would he walk the walk and be a true Christian? So far, he has, appearing to be sincere, genuine, and truly good, a deeply religious, good-hearted man. What a superb role model for any young person, religious or not!

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