7 Appetizers for Your Halloween Party ...

We’ve all been to parties with a cheesy (OK, yum) and silly table full of goodies meant to entertain the kids. I have certainly had my share (and a second helping) of dirt cake and graveyard cookies and anything dipped in white chocolate to resemble ghosts. Oh my, the sugar rush!

The following are seven creative – and quite adult – appetizer ideas for your upcoming Halloween bash. Because as grown-ups, we care just a bit more about developing a few cavities from all that junk food.

Not to mention, we’re saving our sweet intake for Thanksgiving’s pumpkin pie.

1. Eyeball Soup

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Find the recipe at: delish.com
A delicious tomato soup recipe is turned suspicious with the addition of stuffed Kalamata olives. As eyeballs. This is a fun first course served individually at a sit-down dinner party or in a large witch’s cauldron for a buffet table. *blink* I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time eating anything that’s staring at me. Stop looking at me!

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