7 Amazing Books by Jon Krakauer ...

Far and away, my favorite writer is Jon Krakauer. He writes non-fiction, which is a turn off to some, but the ways he tells true-life stories is riveting and compelling. If you’ve never read any of his books, it’s time! Here are 7 amazing books by Jon Krakauer.

1. Into Thin Air

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My first exposure to Krakauer’s writing was his long article in Outside Magazine about the disaster on Everest in 1996. Many of the people on the mountain with him died, and his article, written so quickly, while his emotions were still so raw, was spell-binding. I waited on tenterhooks for his book about the disaster, and wasn’t disappointed. It’s not just a retelling of that fateful climb, but of the mountaineers and amateurs, and of the sport itself. It’s honest, open, heart-breaking, and you must read it.

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