7 Amazing Armchairs ...

A perfectly-placed armchair in a room can be an invitation to come sit by the fire, cuddle in a corner with a good book, or sit and chat for an hour… but where to look for an armchair that can do all of this, and still add color and texture to a neutral dΓ©cor? My dear, I can help! Here are 7 amazing armchairs, in a range of colors and styles and price ranges.

1. Josef Wingback Chair, Butterflies

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Price: $1,698.00 at anthropologie.com
Beautiful butterflies float across a rust-colored traditional Queen Anne chair, with a dark wood finish and kiln-dried hardwood frame and ultra-plush cushions and arms. The wings of the chair are small and elegantly curved, and the cushions are filled with soft poly Dacron fill. How lovely!

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