7 Affordable Sites to Shop at ...

I’m going to cut the big speech today, ladies and skip to the chase --- I can’t do anything to help end the economy crisis but I can certainly give you some tips on how to save and still get the items you need. The answer lies in the “clearance” or “sale” section of our favorite sites. However, if you don’t have any sites in your favorites, be sure to check out these that I’m about to list. Some of them are so affordable you don’t even have to hit the “clearance” section, some are already known for their budget-friendly products while some offer good deals on everything from designer goods to furniture. Here they are:

1. H&M

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My experience with this brand is that sometimes quality is not proportional to the money you spend. Everything I’ve bought at H&M stores looks perfect despite the fact that I showed no mercy when it comes to machine washing and my usual wear and tear regime. So, if you have no H&M shop in your area, check out their selection on this site. And a piece of good news for the fashion lovers – this brand has launched a special collection of shoes, dresses, coats and much more designed by Lanvin! So you can get your piece of haute couture today, for a price that won’t make you go totally broke!

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