7 Activities I Love Doing with My Dad ...

I’m an only child, so when I was young, I was both a mama’s and a daddy’s girl. Like many fathers and daughters, my dad and I had it rough during my teenage years, but things have done more than smooth out over time. I love my dad to death and genuinely like him as well. He’s one of my BFFs. I still like to do a lot of things I did with him when I was a little girl, and there are a few new items on the list as well.

1. Go Fishing

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When I was a kid, come spring and summer, my dad always got his fishing license, and I was always his fishing buddy. I still don’t put the worm on the hook, I couldn’t cast (I can now), and my reeling reeked as well (also better), but that wasn’t what mattered – and dad didn’t think so either. He always packed a lunch and fixed me up a place to sit and read under the shade. We just chilled.

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