7 90s Trends That Are Back in Style ...

Ah, the grunge era – Nirvana, Pearl Jam… the movement was so much more than just gritty music. Those of us who lived once through this horrible era of misshapen tops, odd hemlines and clunky footwear knew that 90s fashion was little about making an appearance, but more about, you know, tossing a flannel shirt over the entire ensemble, somehow resorting to a look that’s a cross between your ex-boyfriend’s closet and dad’s work uniform.

For as much angst as we encountered that decade – both in and out of Seattle – we survived on apathy. We didn’t care about anyone or anything. Or obviously… how we looked.

1. Plaid

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Photo Credit: Junxs

Each and every outfit in the 90s seemed to circumvent around plaid. Thankfully, the crosshatched pattern is found in more than just men’s flannel shirts – cute dresses, long tunic tops and winter outwear all exclaim its multi-colored vibrancy in a decade definitely more “look at me” that “stop looking at me.” Eternally proud for private schools and trendy enough for those too young to remember its dowdy and depressing place in history.

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