60's Spiro Printed Maxi Dress in Blue and Purple


If you want some flavour in your outfits, why don’t you try this on for size?

I found it in Topshop’s attic daily fix and it took me back in time. Not MY time, of course! I wasn’t even born yet. Heh. It’s their 60’s Blue and Purple Spiro Printed Maxi Dress. It’s pretty to look at, eh? The colours are soothing and cool to the eyes.

Owning a dress is always a good idea. It can be worn casually without looking overly casual, know what I mean? Just change your shoes from flats to a pair of strap stilts or pumps and you’ve managed to change the look of the outfit.

Which reminds me, I need to shop for a new dress — for a wedding I’ll be attending. Hmmm. Any suggestions?

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