6 Ways to Make Eggs Safe to Eat ...

My entire family enjoys eating eggs. We get some from our two little hens, but we still have to purchase some from the grocery store as well. I always make sure that anything we eat is safe. The last thing anyone needs is a trip to the emergency room for food poisoning. If you or your family enjoys the taste of eggs, then the following 6 ways to make eggs safe to eat might come in handy.

6. Omelet

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Saturdays are omelet days at my grandmother’s I always use to stir up the eggs and add the ingredients to the eggs before dumping the entire contents in the skillet to cook. My grandmother cuts up all the ingredients and cooks them separately in a skillet. She then has this lovely little omelet pan that she pours her scrambled eggs into. Once she flips the omelet over once, she then adds the cooked ingredients and some cheese on top of the eggs. She puts the ingredients only on one side of the egg so she can fold the other half over. When it’s finished cooking it looks more like a thick taco filled with veggies. So good!

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