6 Things You Should Never Say to a Man ...

There are some things that women should never say to men. There are some amazingly obvious ones (“Is it in yet?” springs to mind!) but there are some slier ones too. I’ve been quizzing men on what they really don’t want to hear, and this is the top six...it doesn’t matter how sweet your intentions or how much you put on a baby voice, just don’t say it!

1. “Notice Anything Different?”

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Photo Credit: JenniPenni

For men, this is a minefield question. What has changed? Your hair? Your hair is the obvious answer, but you’re bound to feel upset if you haven’t changed your hair. A new outfit? Maybe, but if he guesses and it’s not new, we’ll be upset he hasn’t noticed. Our nails? Our bag? New shoes? He doesn’t know...

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