6 Cute and Happy Celeb News to Enjoy ...

This week is no different from last week in Hollywood-land. We still have the same father-daughter-trainwreck news, pop-star-trying-too-hard-to-shock-us news, and more of the same reality-tv-stars-prolonging-their-15-minutes-of-fame news. But thankfully, we have our bit of cute and happy Hollywood news this week. The cover image should be an indication of how cute and happy these are.

1. Sesame Street is 40 Years Old!

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If you have not been to any of Google's homepage any time this week, you would not have noticed the nice tribute they paid to this wonderful show. Can you believe that Sesame Street is 40? And can you believe that I still enjoy watching this show? Admit it, you do, too.

2. Rihanna Honored at the Glamour's Women of the Year Awards

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This is great news because some women cannot grasp the fact that it is entirely possible and okay to rise from a bad situation. This award will somehow help others move on and focus on the beautiful things in life. In an unrelated note, check out Rihanna's interesting dress.

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Jay-Z has expressed interest in starting a family with Beyonce. I can see it now...Beyonce bump watch, Beyonce maternity fashion watch, People cover introducing their baby, paparazzi photos of the baby as he/she grows up, etc. etc. Exciting, yes?

4. Britney Reunited with Her Babies

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Despite news of her concert receiving a FAIL stamp from fans, Britney seems happy to be reunited with her boys. And rumored boy, Jason Trawick. I don't know which of these photos I find cute...the ones of her smiling so wide at her son's antics or the ones of her and Jason looking like a normal couple.

5. Ellen on O

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There are a total of 4 covers for this fun holiday issue. They are all cute and creative, which I would like to believe were products of Ellen's input. The photos are just too fun to be pure Oprah, right? Which ofthese covers do you like best? I like the one of Ellen writing icing graffiti on the gingerbread house. Too cute!

6. Dakota is Grown up and Grounded

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“I get my rebellion out through my movies. I’m boring in that way. I enjoy having a normal life,” Dakota admits to Teen Vogue. Can we get an Hallelujah? Because we need this adorable, sensible, and humble actress to remain as she is now for years to come. Because we need her to inspire young girls to find their passion, stay in school, and look fierce in high heels.

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