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6 Bling Rings to Own ...

By Alison

When it comes to rings, I like them BIG. A ring the size of a football certainly makes a statement (and doubles as a useful weapon should anyone hassle you withhorrible pick up lines). If you like your bling, here are some eye-catching rings that I’ve picked out for you.

Table of contents:

  1. meg's 14k gold cocktail ring
  2. sterling silver agate slice ring
  3. sterling silver ring - shiny cross
  4. cz ring 08
  5. alan k. silver oval pink murano glass grand collection ring
  6. butterfly ring

1 Meg's 14k Gold Cocktail Ring

Price: $99 at

A cocktail ring for alovely cocktail dress. Not only bling, but coloured bling, this amber number is yours for just $99. You will need no other jewelry if you wear it (you probably won’t be able to stand any more weight …)

2 Sterling Silver Agate Slice Ring

**Price: **$109 at

This ring qualifies as bling by the sheer, enormous size of it. In fact, it could double as a dinner plate. It is so large, it could also, possibly blot out the sun. That doesn't mean you should skip the sunscreenthough.

3 Sterling Silver Ring - Shiny Cross

**Price: **39 EUR at

Even the religious minded can get in on the act. This silver cross, gorgeous ring would make any vicar look trendy … I think.

4 Cz Ring 08

Price: 25 GBP at

Wear your heart on your finger with this ring. Those around you may want to wearsunglassesto block out the glare reflecting from the many stones.

5 ALAN K. Silver Oval Pink Murano Glass Grand Collection Ring

**Price: **$139 at

Here’s some more colour – this glass ring couldn’t be much louder if it came with an amplifier. Wear it with acute summer dressor skinny jeans and a basic tee for maximum effect!

6 Butterfly Ring

**Price: **15 GBP at

What about this butterfly ring – I would say cute ring, but it looks like the Rottweiler of butterflies …

So how do you likeyour jewelry? Do you prefer to keep it subtle, or wear rings big enough to knock someone out?

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