6 Amazing Animals from the Galapagos Islands ...

My little sister had some homework a few nights ago, about which animals she would love to see that are not native to the UK or America. Most of her class chose the same animals, safari animals and the rare artic animal. It got me thinking about animals’ I’d love to see, though, and I ‘discovered’ the Galapagos Islands. There is amazing wildlife there! Here are my favourites...

1. Red-Footed Booby

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Photo Credit: Wiggum03

This famous bird is often used as a symbol of the Galapagos Islands, and it’s not hard to see why! It’s the only seabird known that has gripping feet, and they can be seen in their hundreds on the Genovesa Island. Curious about the name? Booby comes from the Spanish word for ‘Silly’.

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