5 Young Hollywood Celeb News to Inspire You ...

At what point does a starlet become a real star? Does it happen after a big film project that is both critically acclaimed and a box office success? Or is it a long process that involves small good projects, being in the right place at the right time, and impressing the right people? In Hollywood, there seems be no formula, doesn't it? But perhaps the only constant is undeniable talent and this is something that these 5 young women certainly possess.

1. Ashlee Simpson Heads to Broadway

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After her short stint on Melrose Place, Ashlee heads to Broadway to play Roxie Hart. The recent opening was a success and attended by the people in her life. According to sister Jessica, "β€œRoxie was all Heart! Watching her up on that grandiose stage made me the proudest sister in the world.”" Now one may not believe this "review" as she is surely biased but you have to realize that when Ashlee played Roxie in London's West End, she got raves from viewers and critiques. Of course, it helps that she has training in dance and singing. Congrats to Ashlee!

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