5 Weird Things: Would You Wear These?

1. Versace Spring Line

Oy, these are too colorful. And HIGH. I'll probably hurt myself wearing these shoes so I think I'll pass.

2. Harem Pants

No matter the style or cut, I can never stomach wearing harem pants. Inspite of being a personal fashion faux pas, they do seem really comfortable, don't they?

3. Ripped Tee

Sure, I'd wear one. But no, I will not buy any of these. Armed with my trusty shears, I can easily DIY one.

4. Harem Cargo Pants

Really, why wear something that will make you look like you are bow-legged? Would you rock these?

5. Lace Full Body Jump Suit

This treasure is courtesy of American Apparel. I reckon it's very itchy. My question is, what occasion will call for such a piece of clothing?