5 Ways to Go Boho: Go or No-Go?

1. Fringed Scarf Jacket

I personally love this hippie outer-wear. In fact, I have been looking for something much like the one Kate Moss is wearing here for months.

2. Lace Bellbottoms

How about these suspiciously revealing lace bellbottoms? Are these a go? I am much too shy to give these a whirl.

3. Lace Top

Now this is one lace Boho item that is more my style. Another confession: I have been actively searching on eBay for something similar to the first one on this link.

4. Clogs

This is a still a no-go for me, despite the many stylish people I have seen sporting them. Even this photo of Rachel Bilson will not convince me to buy a pair. How about you?

5. Maxi Dress

This is a definite "GO" for me. The print of this particular dress is just so summer-y. Even if you are not pregnant, you'll still be able to rock a Boho maxi dress.