5 Tips on Writing a Weight Loss Blog ...

Ever considered starting a weight loss or health-related blog? If you have but you don't know where to start, read these tips by Mish. She used to write at Eating Journey but she now has a brand new blog, Sugar Wand.

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I have always thought that being honest about where youโ€™re at is the MOST important thing with blogging. Of couse you can hide behind anything when it comes to blogging. Something that has struck me is that the more honest I am, the more vulnerable, the more I connect with my readers. Itโ€™s ok to say that you just kicked ass on a run. Or that you walked out of the gym. Or that you resisted the fifth shot of tequila. Or that you had five cookies. Life has itโ€™s ups and downs. No oneโ€™s life is perfect and cheery all the time.

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