5 Tips on Eating Often and Losing Weight ...

Most people have been bought up to eat three meals a day, and so this tradition passes on and on through the generations. But did you know that** **this method of eating can actually cause you to put on weight?

It can lead to snacking, and even over eating. It's also been linked to high chlosterol levels and triglyceride levels. Eating only two or three meals causes the body to face long stretches without food, and therefore store fat. So here are my five top tips on how to** **start eating often and therefore - start losing weight!

1. Make Sure You're Buying the Right Foods!

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Soups and whole wheat pasta make much better lunches than chips and burgers. Before you start making an effort eating more regularly, make sure your fridge is full of healthy food that's good for you.

I know it might be hard to take it from here, but I hope this list of 50 Healthiest Foods: An Ultimate Grocery Shopping List for Losing Weight … will come in handy!

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