5 Things to Make You Laugh Today ...

1. Lindsay Tells You to Stay Away from Drugs

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There definitely is something ridiculously strange about getting drug advice from the La Lohan. What's even funnier is that this "advice" was a retweetof what Samantha Ronson said.

2. Another Day, Another Brangelina Rumor

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This time, it's about the actress asking Brad to move out because of his excessive Tequila drinking. Seriously, these tabloids gotta stop.

3. Would You Rather

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Accidentally sex text your dad or do the walk of shame past your professor? Either of the situations sounds hilarious, really.

4. Paul is Excited

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Check this post for an old photo of Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and some ladies. It's making me giggle thinking what was going on in Paul's mind.

5. Spencer Pratt is Not Happy with the Jersey Shore Kids

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Poor Spencer. Now that MTV has found another douche in The Situation, he's been feeling a little left out. The ticking of his nearly over 15 minutes must be getting louder and louder.
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