5 Things to Love about Jared Leto ...

Jared Leto is not everyone's cup of tea. I don't see why not when I can just picture him in my teacup being all cute and tiny and cute and beautiful. *aherm* I shall behave now. But really, if you are of the persuasion that he is just "meh" I can give you reasons to love about him.

1. He Has a Beautiful Face

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Jared is 38. That's right, 38. And he looks like THAT. I have mentioned here many times that I think he has found the fountain of youth. I'm not sure if this is a latest photo but really, he looks so much younger than his age. On top of that amazing fact, he is just downright beautiful. Don't you just love his eyes? When he had blond hair, he looked as beautiful as Kurt Cobain did.

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