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5 Things to Help You Pass the Time...

By Meream

1 Bake Beer Cupcakes

That's right, cupcakes with beer. I don't drink but this actually sounds too awesome not to try. Now I have a good reason to buy some cupcake molds.

2 Get Closer to Nature

Right now, I can hear many birds singing from where I'm sitting. I don't have a bird feeder, mind you; my part of the world is just a bit of the forest-y type. But if you want to hear birds in your yard, check out these tips on having a bird feeder.

3 Cover Something in Glitter

Annie Spandex covered her vintage bag with glitter and it turned out fabulous! Right now, my glitter projects involve making Christmas decorations (yes, THIS early). How about you?

4 Read a Novel

This will have to be my favorite "passing the time" idea. If you are out of novels to read, how about this relatively new one by Stephenie Meyer?

5 Organize a Party

It's always fun tohelp people gather around and celebrate whatever it is that needs celebrating. Check out the link for some fun party food ideas.

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Top Photo Credit: gr33nt4u (more behind than ever!)

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