5 Spicy Movie News of This Week ...

With the Oscarson ABCSunday this week's celebrity scoop is all about the movies. Have you heard that "Friday the 13th" came in at number one last week?

1. Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher Get Married…

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In a new movie that is! However, married life may not be all that spectacular for the happy couple when they find out they are living next door to people who want to kill them! Hopefully Heigl'srumors for a better movie career **will begin with Kutcherand their new thriller titled "Five Killers". I'm sure her **director friend Robert Luketic, from this summer's release of "The Ugly Truth", will be happy to give her some pointers as he gets to direct the blonde beauty once again. (Via Heigl and Kutcher Have Five ...)

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