5 Relationship Tips from Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker ...

Sarah Jessica Parker's character may have talked about her intimate relationships in "Sex in the City", but this New York girl's real life relationship with husband Matthew Broderick is kept under lock and key. And keeping their 11 year marriage to themselves is only part of how they stay true to their nuptials.

1. Although You Should Keep Some Things to Yourselfโ€ฆ

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Don't go out of your way to be such a secluded couple. I think you can achieve privacy without going overboard. With my realtionship privacy is important, but we don't write it in bold letters to our friends and family that we're private.

It's not hard to be a private couple. I see some people who actually do it really well, and then I see people who make me skeptical about their deep desire to be so private," Parker told Elle magazine.
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