5 Pizza Recipes You Must Try This Week...

1. Cauliflower Pizza

Just look at the photos and tell me if you can't imagine just how good it smells. Oh yeah, the crust is made of cauliflower. Interesting, right?

2. Rosemary Potato and Chicken Pizza

Pizza with chicken is something I seldom have but when I do, I just fall madly in love. This particular pizza just looks sooooo delectable.

3. Muffin Pizza

Another healthy alternative calling for gluten-free baking mix. Cute may not be a word you'd use to describe pizza but it is applicable here.

4. Eggplant Pizza

I would so make this if only the boyfriend is not allergic to eggplant. Well, I still should and not give him any. Even if the aroma tortures him so.

5. Pepperoni Pizza

This one looks easy and yum, too. Oh who am I kidding, there is no pizza I would not eat.
Top Image by Emily