5 Mouthwatering Stuff to Start Your Week with...


5 Mouthwatering Stuff to Start Your Week with...

1 Mmm Edward

That will be Edward Cullen, in case you're wondering. Here are 5 reasons to love about him.

2 Cake!

Okay, how pretty are these cakes? If you're getting married, which of these would you choose? I'd go for the yellow. So so so beautiful!

3 Corn!

Imagine the sweet smell of sweet and spicy corn cooking in a summer afternoon...Hmm...I can feel my mouth watering, yes I can.

4 Sweet Strawberries

We never get fresh strawberries in my city so I envy you if you can grow them in your garden. Here are tips if you can.

5 Tarts for Your Sweetheart

I don't have the skills to make one perfect tart but Angry Chicken can easily make several. Oh if only I were as crafty as she is in the kitchen...

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Top photo credit: Another Pint Please...