2. Margarita

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The sharp and delicious, Margarita is the best known tequila-based cocktail. To make it, you will need good tequila (I recommend Añejo, which is an aged variety with a rich and distinctive taste), Triple Sec liqueur (always keep some of it in your cocktail drawer alongside with wines, vodkas, flavoured liquors, chocolate, and other yummy goodies to indulge in during long autumn nights), and fresh limes or lemons (limes go better). A good rule of thumb is to mix 7 parts of tequila with 4 parts of Triple Sec and add at least 3 parts of lime juice. Enjoy your Margarita in a large cocktail glass with a salt rim around the edge, either blended with ice (a "frozen Margarita"), on the rocks, or just with some ice cubes added.

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