5 Hot "Men" Posts to BlogStalk ...

1. Shane H

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You can only see his back but what a nice back it is! *whew! HOT. FANS MYSELF* Do you like what you see, ladies?

2. "Twin" Male Models

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What could be better than two male models? A photo of them together in sheer snake-printed tops, that's what! Kind of strange, kind of hot.

3. Gavin Rossdale. No Shirt

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I repeat. Gavin Rossdale without a shirt. If you want more information, he's playing tennis and looking all sorts of hot.

4. Super Gay Men

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Check this post if you know the hottest, most stylish, smartest, most adorable, and funniest gay men. My favorites are Neil Patrick Harris and Nate Berkus.

5. Dapper in Berkeley

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Look at this guy's outfit! Now if only all men dress up this way. Why do I want that? Because us girls will have another excuse to dress up in decadent flapper fashion.

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