5 Hot Bridal Hair Accessories to Love ...

Every day as we look into the mirror and get ready for our day we ponder over how to wear our hair. Should I leave it down, put it up, maybe half up and half down? Our hair style is especially important to us when it comes to special occasions like proms, school pictures, and weddings. But no matter how we wear our hair, there are always cute accessories like hair clips,headbands, and flowers that we can add to our style to make our hairdo even better. Here are some hair accessories that will help you shine even brighter on that big day.

5. Stop and Smell the Roses...

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Believe it or not you are looking at a beautiful, real red rose. This one of a kind hair piece was made by Etsy.com shop owner RoyalPrincess by a process she calls electrofoming, which includes coating the rose with resin. If you are looking for a red floral hair comb to match your bridesmaids' dresses or your beautiful rose bouquet pick this one up for $18.00. I love how delicate the rose looks and would love one in blue for my wedding day.

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