5 Happy Posts to BlogStalk...

1. US Journalists Freed

I was really saddened when I heard the news of these journalists' detention in North Korea. But Bill Clinton did his diplomacy magic and they were released. Great news!

2. Foods Heal!

Well, we already know that. But check College Candy to find out how exactly.

3. Fashion Blogging to Elle Magazine

Every fashion blogger dreams of being featured in the fashion magazine of her (or his) dreams. This has happened to the very amazing Susie Bubble.

4. You Can Now Follow Ben Stiller's Tweets

I am not a big Ben Stiller fan but some of you may be. He is not on Facebook and Twitter. Now go and stalk him.

5. Bask in Yellow

Yellow always makes me happy. So how about checking cheap yellow pieces to brighten up your outfit today?
Top Image by: Mare.Bow