5 Halloween Ideas to BlogStalk...

1. Group Ideas: from Superheroes to Video Game Characters

This College Candy post is a treasure trove of ideas!

2. Celeb Couple Idea: Lindsay and Samantha

Won't these be a hoot? I guess my boyfriend and I can try this. The problem is I might end up dressing as Sam since my boyfriend's hair is longer than mine. HAHA.

3. Makeup Idea: Dark Lips

If you're dressing up as some vamp or goth character, you might find this dark lips post of Rae very helpful.

4. Costume Idea: Barbie

Aren't the shoes spot-on?

5. Costume Idea: Betty Draper

I am in love with this idea! Not only would it be fun to dabble in 60's amazing fashion, it would also be great to pretend to be the always-glamorous Betty Draper.
Have you got any Halloween ideas to share? Let us know in the comments section!