5 Half Naked Situations to Ponder on ...

1. Ever Considered Implants?

If you think that there is nothing wrong with getting breast implants, this article will interest you. She makes a rather compelling case.

2. Should Rachel Zoe Wear a Bikini?

There is no doubt that Rachel Zoe knows how to dress but she has definitely let her health go. These photos make me sad and scared for her.

3. Shy? Cover It up!

If you're shy about your bikini body (or the beach is not exactly warm), reach for a coverup. This one shoulder dress will be perfect.

4. How about Getting to Know a New Love Half Naked?

That's Rihanna's style. She's still somewhere in Mexico with her new man, Matt Klemp, soaking under the sun. And breaking out all lovey-dovey moves.

5. How about a Beach Wedding?

Do it Marc Jacobs style --- make the wedding part of a long vacation in St. Barts.
Top Image by **.ginko**