5 Great DIY Projects to Bring Spring to Your Home ...

I love DIY. There is no other way to show ingenuity and inspiration than doing a project on your own. May it be simple of grand, making things with your own hands will bring you nothing but pride. And one amazing thing about those in DIY are their generosity. They share ideas and inspire others. The following are latest DIY projects that have inspired me to welcome spring.

1. Terrariums by Madaline Sparks

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This tutorial is very informative and very easy to follow. It's great that the writer did not only mention the tools needed but also provided explanation on what each tool is for. She took the tutorial one step further by showing us how to make more than one kind of terrarium. The tips on setting up the terrarium, choosing the right materials and plants, and making your terrarium pretty are amazing. I will definitely make one very soon.

Photo by ex.libris

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