5 Fun Activities to Start...

1. Plan Your Spring Wardrobe

Yes, you can do that as early as now. Interested in what colors will be huge come spring 2011? Here is a great post to get you started. Yay for blue!

2. Hunt Ghosts

Okay, I will never do this even if somebody paid me a million bucks but this might interest you. Before you go out to buy your ghost-hunting supplies, here are some facts about ghosts you might want to read first.

3. Go to the Gym

Committing to staying healthy is difficult. Perhaps going to the gym will help? Here is a wonderful post to motivate you. It's a must-read.

4. Make Something!

Naturally, I would suggest crafts. Here is one tutorial to get you started. It's easy and fun! And when you finish that, check out the other tutorials posted on One Pretty Thing.

5. Grow Hibiscus

Transform your garden into a tropical paradise by growing hibiscus. These are truly beautiful. I suggest the deep red and white variety.

Do any of these activities tickle your fancy? If they don't, what fun activities can you suggest to us? If you got links to said activities, we'd love to check them out!