5 Expecting Celebrites, 5 Maternity Styles ...

Do you know what's better than seeing kids of celebrities? It's seeing celebrities who are expecting and gawking at their maternity style. Personally, I grew up thinking that pregnant women really have no way of being chic because they do not have a broad choice when it comes to chic wear. Elastic pants and empire cute blouses? That does not exactly spell fashionable. But here we have celebrities who look chic despite (or because?) the belly. I'm inspired.

1. Camila Alves

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If your boyfriend is Matthew McConaughey, you are probably a hippie at heart. Camila probably is and it shows in her maternity fashion. She always looks effortlessly chic, despite the baby bump that is getting bigger by the minute. And can I just say that little Levi dresses well, too?

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