9 Delish Party and Outfit Ideas for Valentine's Day ...

[This insanely wonderful post is written by the uber-talented and creative Marian. Reading this will make you want to have FIVE parties come Valentine's day, trust me.]

It is a yummy pleasure for my fashion, beauty and culture site mariankihogo.com to guest post for All Women Stalk. All Women Stalk is such a delish site so this guest post is a total honour.

Darlings, Valentine’s Day is up ahead, here are 9 fab party ideas to make sure you have a great time. I do so love a yummy party/celebration and think a fab do does not have to take a lot of effort. For each party idea, there is a suggested outfit to suit that theme.

I hope these ideas will get you to put together inspired outfits and dos for your Valentine’s Day! The objective is to have fun doing something different.

Glam Kisses,
Marian. X

1. A Romeo + Juliet Party

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Above Collage: Romeo + Juliet images from img.listal.com . Outfit images from net-a-porter.com.

Many say Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is the greatest love story ever told. Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 Romeo + Juliet movie (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes) is such a beautiful adaptation of this tale! The stunning movie sees the tragic love story set in present day Suburbia, with a modern soundtrack. The wardrobe is a mix of the slightly medieval and modern day (think Hawaiian floral print shirts, armour, ethereal gowns etc). For Valentine’s Day, why don’t you have a party inspired Baz Luhrmann’s beautiful Romeo + Juliet?

The Invite - Send a star crossed lovers invite to all your friends. This Valentine’s party is perfect for both your coupled up and single friends. The singles never know, they just might meet someone at the do over a cocktail or a canapé.

The Decor - Create an enchanting lovers' world. String amber lights up around your room, you can get these for cheap at your local home depot store. Also light a multitude of candles (varying sizes work best for effect, right from cathedral large to small) both on candelabras and in clusters all over the room to create drama and an intimate feel.

The Dress Code - Set a ‘Medieval Meets Modern Romantic’ outfit code. Have fun with this! Wear a romantic ethereal floaty dress like the Notte by Marchesa's above. Pair with chain mail and metal armour inspired pieces. Falconiere's silver, gold and brass-tone chain-link epaulets worn over the shoulders would be perfect! Throw on some ethereal accessories like the feathered Jimmy Choos and Giles & Brother wing earrings. Bedeck your head with a decadent piece (wear jewels or brooches in your hair, metal headbands, crowns or tiaras) like this Oscar de la Renta twisted metal head band. To finish, make like Juliet (as played by Claire Danes) in the above image and wear an ethereal pair of wings.

Have the guys do like Romeo and his Montague crew by wearing a mix of anything from Hawaiian prints, armour inspired pieces, suits, relaxed shirts worn with no ties etc

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